Your Healthcare Home

Healthcare that revolves around you is the approach at Katy Trail Community Health. Our patients are surrounded by a dedicated team of health professionals working together to meet all of their health care needs.

Recently Katy Trail Community Health achieved Level 3 patient-centered medical home recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Katy Trail Community Health is the only clinic in West Central Missouri to receive this recognition. Level 3 is the highest level of recognition provided by the NCQA.

For you, the patient this means you can rest assured knowing you are receiving highly-coordinated care of the utmost quality.

You are part of a team!

Primary Care Provider (PCP) – Each patient has the right to select their own PCP.  A PCP can be a doctor or a nurse practitioner. You will benefit from an ongoing relationship with your PCP who will provide complete and continuous care.

Healthcare Team – Your PCP leads a team of professionals who, as your healthcare team, will take responsibility with you for your overall health and wellness. Your healthcare team includes your PCP, medical assistant, LPN, behavioral health consultant, care coordinator, case manager, and YOU.

Accessible Care – We are committed to providing you shorter wait times, same day appointments, extended hours, interactive web-based communication and around the clock telephone access to an on-call provider.

Coordination of Care – Your healthcare team  is responsible for coordinating your care across all areas of the health system, including specialty care, hospital visits, home health services, school nursing care, and community services.

Evidence Based Care – Your healthcare team is dedicated to improving your quality of care by following the most up-to-date medical treatments.

Planning Your Treatment – You will be asked to participate in the planning of your treatment. We will need from you a complete medical history and information about your care obtained outside of Katy Trail Community Health. We will work with you to set health and wellness goals.

Self Care Support – Your healthcare team will assist you in managing your health by providing self care plans, tools, educational resources, and on-going support.

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